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Dec 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
over the next hour or debate focusing on education standards around the world the latest international survey shows the station students for the best by far in every category friends in the uk struggling to keep their heads above water. what makes a good score and prepares students to compete in today's world. we've got peaches analysts and economists who carried out surveys which seemed to give you their opinion an opponent after that. first though international news. thank you city and these are the headlines to see mya has been out from under it shot dead outside his time in pay rates. the shiite militant group was quick to accuse israel which denies any involvement. protesters refused to leave she as independents ladder onto the prime minister warned the opposition to stop asking making a difficult time. and then to make it to print the building faces hefty fines on anyone paying this tax to head to the senate and the next two. says israel will suffer the consequences for measuring a senior. c'mon get this wednesday. kason of lackey said patio weapons and explosives expect place to
Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
of medicine in houston the campground to the generosity and education this amendment to the summits must succeed the summit's most involves peace and security on the contents of this and i think that's the best tribute we can pay to describe mt nelson mandela to call them someday. when you see a bonus cd of togo has come out of burkina faso saying that. and those given him lessons. what would put lessons he thinking i wonder how i'd redo one and we know you looking at people all along been operating a system which is a self perpetuating. died the ceilings of the over the misty or actually represented to nest in the room in our own lifetime i wonder that kind of democracy that nine dentist is full the intrusion into tears and since i left. i don't think that's pretty reflective in either of those two need is political careers but i think if it goes beyond that it's not just listen to politicians is the lesson two two two citizens across the whole continent and beyond africa the principals them all authority and as you say that the principles of sceptics. i am and the south african idea of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2